With a greater emphasis on off-premise dining, more operators offer grab-and-go items like sandwiches, salads, desserts and bottled drinks. Many use glass door merchandisers to display and store these menu items. Here are a few tips to maintain these units and keep ringing up those quick sales.

  • Keep an eye on hinges and gaskets. While always important for refrigeration, it can be an even bigger priority for glass door merchandisers. If a door seal fails during the day, it could be hours before a team member finds out. That’s hours of holding food at potentially unsafe temperatures and hours of wasted electricity.
  • Perform regular cleaning. Like all refrigeration, the components of glass door merchandisers need regular cleaning. Operators should hire a service agent to clean coils and condensers and evaporators, as well as check refrigerant levels.
  • Check clearance on units. Vents for glass door refrigerators need a set minimum clearance for a unit to work effectively. If adding a unit, verify it will go in a place with enough space to provide this clearance. Along those lines, keep vents clean of debris, dirt and dust to ensure proper operation.