Combi ovens are complex pieces of foodservice equipment that can provide plenty of value in a commercial kitchen. Here are five tips to help keep a combi oven in top working order.

The ‘combi’ in combi ovens stands for combination and it describes the equipment’s ability to cook with dry heat, steam, and convection, or any combination of the three. With all these options, combis can be one of the most useful, and used, tools in a commercial kitchen. They can also be among the most expensive. Here are some tips that can help operators get the most out of their combi investment.

  • Make sure the seal on the oven door is intact. A lose seal can let heat escape, which can increase energy consumption and throw off cooking times.
  • Like all water-using equipment, combi ovens should cleaned of scale and lime on a regular basis. A combi’s fan should be cleaned periodically as well. The manufacturer’s guidelines should tell operators exactly how often these should be done.
  • Test the water going into a combi oven to make sure it falls within the manufacturer’s specifications. If its mineral or solids level is too high, a water filtration system may be necessary to bring those counts in line.
  • Operators should hose their units out each day. Many combi ovens come with their own cleaning system to make this process easier
  • Train staff how to properly close a combi’s door. Slamming it shut, placing heavy objects on an open door (such as a rack of cooked food) or hanging heavy objects from the handle can all damage a door and its hinges.