FE&S eMarketplace, February 2011

February 2011

AdvantEDGE™ Mega-Top Refrigerated Sandwich Preparation

Nor-Lake, Inc. recently introduced a mega-top refrigerated sandwich preparation table. The AdvantEDGE™ mega-top sandwich prep table is constructed of stainless steel both interior and exterior. The cabinet is designed with curved handles, self closing doors, insulated lid, cutting board standard and 1/6 size pans included. For more information, visit www.norlake.com.
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Nor-Lake's meta-top refrigerated sandwich prep table
Taylor two-sided grill

See the Crown Jewel of Cooking from Taylor®
Two-sided grills make cooking easier, faster & smarter. Taylor® grills optimize cooking efficiency with programmable cook times, pre-set temperature controls & automatic gap settings. To learn more about grills from Taylor® and our Red Cape® Commitment, visit our website.
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V Series Heavy Duty Ranges from Vulcan
Our V Series Heavy Duty Ranges are intelligently designed to offer the ultimate in durability, innovation and true versatility. Modular from top to bottom and side to side, the V Series allows for complete customization throughout its lifetime. Now you can adapt your menu to meet changing needs or take advantage of the latest trends—without having to purchase a new range.
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Vulcan V Series Heavy Duty Range
Win-Fab Stanless Steel Table

Win-Fab™ Stainless Steel Fabrication – Money Saving Solutions!
Win-Fab™, you choose the modification for your stainless steel sink or table, Win-Holt builds it for you. Getting the right product fabricated has never been easier. Begin with a standard model and select form a wide assortment of add-on accessories to tailor the equipment to fit your needs.
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The Josper by Wood Stone
The Josper by Wood Stone Charcoal Broiler Oven provides an elegant solid fuel charcoal broiler/oven solution in an oven package and without the venting challenges most often associated with conventional Charbroilers. The unit comes with two adjustable broiler racks that allow the chef to cook a wide variety of meats and vegetables in the oven simultaneously. The dual damper system helps minimize charcoal consumption while allowing the unit to maintain high cooking temperatures for extended periods of time, and helps to greatly influence and enhance the flavor profile of the foods being cooked. Available in a 37” x 28” model, and a 37” x 38” model.

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The Josper Charcoal Broiler Oven
Stanley Commercial

Redefining the Commercial Blending Industry: The Vitamix Quiet One
Well known for delivering incomparable versatility and value through its revolutionary product performance, Vitamix once again delivers an industry first, The Quiet One®. Engineered to provide dramatic sound reduction, world-class reliability, unparalleled speed of service and a perfect blend every time, The Quiet One is ideal for bars, coffee shops, small cafes and smoothie stands where traditional blender noise can spoil the ambience.
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New Randell Pizza Hot Holding Cabinet!
From the industry's leader in Pizza Prep Tables, Randell keeps your pizza toppings and ingredients fresh and cold, and now keeps your cooked pizzas hot and fresh! Holds up to 36 pizza boxes. The most consistent temperature holding, coolest to-the-touch, insulated hot box. Visit us at Pizza Expo Booth 1665. Check out www.unifiedbrands.net for more information.
Unified Brands


Unified Brands Randell Pizza Holding Cabinet
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