Industry Forecast

Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine has a history of providing meaningful research and insights that help industry professionals compete in a challenging market place. Research includes industry rankings, customer service, forecasts, and dining and purchasing habits.

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2014 Operator Purchasing Study

FE&S' subscribing foodservice operators take a look at how their various business concerns continue to affect the way they approach foodservice equipment and supplies purchases.

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2014 Forecast: The New Normal

The foodservice industry’s status quo now includes slow but steady growth rates, a tighter operator focus on managing expenses and a more pronounced need for the supply chain to better articulate the return on investment their goods and services will provide.

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FE&S’ 2013 Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Industry Forecast

Our subscribing foodservice operators and dealers weigh in on the industry's performance this year and offer an early look at the industry's business climate in 2013.

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Foodservice 2013: Inching Forward

Looking ahead to 2013, members of the foodservice industry prepare to experience another period of moderate but real growth as operators will rely more heavily on technology and on their supply chain partners to drive their incremental success.

2011 Forecast Update

FE&S explores the impact of rising food and gas prices among other challenges facing the foodservice industry as it tries to emerge from economic doldrums.

2011 E&S Forecast: Dealer Outlook

Only 24 percent of dealers reported that 2010 failed to meet their expectations for sales, according to FE&S' 2011 Dealer Forecast Study. And 76 percent report that their 2010 sales will increase or at least stay the same as 2009 levels.

2011 E&S Forecast: Foodservice Finally Levels Off

The good news is that the foodservice industry seems poised to grow. The bad news is that the foodservice industry will move forward at an excruciatingly slow pace.

2010 Foodservice Industry Forecast: Achieving Stability

As foodservice companies begin their 2010 planning, two questions are top of mind: Has the 2009 economic mudslide been as severe as many foodservice professionals projected? More importantly, is it finally over?

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