Facility Design Project of the Month

Each month, FE&S spotlights a project worth talking about, with in-depth coverage from concept through completion including a kitchen equipment floor plan.


Blue Wall Café at the UMass Amherst Lincoln Campus Center - Equipment Key

Equipment Key

1. Wood-top baker’s table
2. Ambient display case
2a. Refrigerated display case
2b. Gelato display
2c. Refrigerated self-service case
3. Drop-in cup dispenser
4. POS system
4a. POS impact printer
5. Bakery service counter
5a. Gelato service counter
Jan-Floor-plan final5b. Work counter w/ sink(s)
5c. Coffee service counter
5d. Condiments counter
5e. Star Ginger counter
5f. Work counter
5g. Street foodservice counter
5h. Grill service counter
5i. Tamales/Burgers 101 counter
5j. Trash/recycle counter
5k. Bussing counter
6. Smoothie blender
7. Drop-in dipperwell
7a. Cold food wells
7b. Soup wells
7c. Hot food wells
8. Soft-serve machine
9. 2-door reach-in refrigerator
9a. Reach-in refrigerator
9b. Walk-in cooler
9c. Cooler coil
9d. Undercounter refrigerator
9e. Drop-in ice chest
9f. Worktop refrigerator
9g. Walk-in cooler/freezer
9h. Freezer coil
9i. Roll-in blast chiller
9j. Roll-in refrigerator
9k. Refrigerated base
9l. Undercounter freezer
9m. Drop-in ice cream freezer
10. 4-burner range w/ oven
10a. 6-burner range w/ oven
10b. Wok range
11. Double convection oven
11a. Rotary ovenschematic
11b. Microwave oven
11c. Rapid-cook oven
11d. Conveyor toaster
11e. Combi oven
11f. Roll-in combi oven
11g. Vertical rotisserie
12. Exhaust hood
13. Roll-in proofer/retarder
14. Pan rack
15. 80-qt. mixer
15a. Mobile mixer stand
15b. 20-qt. mixer
16. Overshelf/utensil/pot rack
17. Fire suppression system
18. Ice machine w/ bin
19. Walk-in shelving
19a. Wall shelf
19b. Dry storage shelving
19c. Drop-in heated shelf
19d. Mobile pot shelf
19e. Wall shelf w/ pothooks
20. Coffee roaster
20a. Coffee grinder
21. Vertical food shield
21a. Food shield w/ heat & light
22. Desk
23. Espresso machine
24. Cutting board
25. Undercounter dishmachine
25a. Dishmachine
25b. Disposer controls
25c. Pre-rinse assembly
26. Pan rack
27. Trash bin
28. Corner guard
28a. S/s wall endcap
29. Iced tea dispenser
30. Prep table w/ sinks
30a. Worktable
30b. Worktable w/ sink(s)
30c. Clean dishtable
30d. Soiled dishtable w/ sink
30e. Mop sink
31. Rice warmer
32. Hand sink
32a. Pot sink
33. Pasta cooker
34. Charbroiler w/ oven
34a. Countertop charbroiler
35. Pot filler
36. Fryer
36a. Fryer assembly
37. Cold food station
37a. Sandwich prep station
38. Mobile cook & hold cabinet
38a. Pass-thru heated cabinet
38b. Roll-in heated cabinet
39. Slicer
40. Wall flashing
41. 40-gal. tilting kettle
41a. 10-gal. tilting kettle
42. Floor trough
43. Convection steamer
44. Countertop griddle
45. Crisp ‘n’ hold station
46. 4-tap condiment dispenser
47. 64-gal. trash cart
47a. Utility cart
48. Tortilla press & grill
49. Hose reel assembly