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News of the day have you feeling weary? Have you run out of things to watch on Netflix?

Dealer Of The Year Zoomba May 21 2022 DD4 5107The Zoomba Group team: Front Row: Eric Uhl, Anne LoCascio, Kris Kringlee, Renee Pas, BG Burg Middle Row: Patty Dvorak, Tracy Mugan, Maureen Slocum, Joseph M. Carbonara, Samantha Slocum, Kevin Poch Back row: Kathy Langlois, Nicholas Slocum, Dave Slocum Missing from photo: Rebecca Kilbreath.I have an antidote that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and may give you a fresh outlook on your job. After you have perused the recap of the 2022 Dealer of the Year & All-Industry Awards Gala, check out the actual acceptance speeches that award winners gave. 

The speeches are truly remarkable. Due to the special time constraints that this year’s event presented, honoring three years’ worth of awards in one night, winners were asked to edit and then re-edit their remarks. The clarity of their carefully honed and thoughtfully delivered comments are spectacular. Each roughly 5-to-7-minute-long video features laughter, tears, vulnerability and wisdom. You won’t be disappointed, and you may develop a new appreciation for the industry in which you work. 

This fall FE&S and sister magazine restaurant development + design will offer another opportunity to connect with our combined audiences in the form of the FED Global Thought Leadership Summit. This unique event will take place Sept. 12-14 in Chicago. Please visit FEDthoughtleadership.com for more details and to request an invitation.

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