Market Spotlight

  • Coffeehouses Continue Creative Focus

    Although a crowded space, smaller players in the coffeehouse segment find success with proprietary brews, on-site roasting and creative offerings.

  • Rising to the Top

    The better-burger segment  continues to expand as discriminating consumers seek unique and upscale  versions of a perennial favorite.

  • What’s at Steak

    Operators in the competitive steakhouse segment focus on sourcing, quality, flavor and preparation to distinguish menu items and bring out the best in the meat.

  • Segment Spotlight: Wine

    Wine bars transform in an effort to attract a broader, more diverse demographic.

  • Segment Spotlight: Asian Is On Trend

    Incorporating a range of regional fare that features fresh and healthful ingredients, the Asian-inspired restaurant segment utilizes traditional equipment to create authentic dishes.

  • Segment Spotlight: Burger Business Remains A Bonanza

    Despite the well-documented troubles some of the larger chains continue to experience, consumers’ appetites for burgers remain as strong as ever. The key to success in this crowded and competitive segment is an evolving menu that features high-quality ingredients, paired with a versatile equipment package that brings these flavors to life. Here we look at two operators who continue to accomplish this.

  • Growth in the B&I Segment and Action Cooking

    As more companies strive to recruit and retain the best and brightest employees, they are making a renewed commitment to business and industry foodservice operations. Once an afterthought, these operations now embrace major foodservice industry trends including farm to table menus and kiosks that support flexible beverage and dining options during non-peak periods.

  • Segment Spotlight: Senior Care Foodservice Comes of Age

    The senior care foodservice segment is undergoing a transformation as more upscale restaurants continue to replace institutionalized dining halls. As a result, today’s residents have more dining options, including snack bars, bistros, pubs, hotel-like room service and catering.

  • Segment Spotlight: Convenience Foods

    These operators continue to leverage small yet efficient footprints to serve multiple dayparts. Most people would associate a menu containing gourmet deli sandwiches, grilled items and from-scratch pizza with a family-style restaurant or quick-service operation.

  • E&S Segment Spotlight: Family Dining

    Facing pressure from QSRs and other competitors, the family-dining segment continues to focus on its core competencies – namely breakfast and lunch – to meet consumers' needs.

  • Mexican Foodservice Remains on the Move

    Americans' growing taste for Mexican-inspired cuisine continues to drive this foodservice segment to new heights, despite a challenging business environment.

  • Segment Spotlight, December 2009; Sports Bars Score Big

    Upscale menus, high end décor and a focus on quality and service have become common sports bar attributes.

  • Segment Spotlight, October 2009; The Evolution of Italian

    By streamlining operations and incorporating efficient equipment, the Italian restaurant segment has held up in hard times.

  • Segment Spotlight, September 2009; Vino as a Value Proposition

    Although wine bars typically attract an upscale demographic, these operations are being positioned as a less costly option for consumers.

  • Segment Spotlight, July 2009; Chicken Takes Wing

    Grilled offerings, boneless wings and energy-efficient equipment have revitalized the chicken segment, which continues to perform in a tough economy.

  • Segment Spotlight, June 2009; Frozen Yogurt, Take Two

    With tangy flavors and an emphasis on healthy living, the frozen yogurt segment has reemerged as a category to watch.

  • Casino E&S: High Rollin'

    Casino restaurants are becoming more customized and upscale to draw in players and hotel guests, keep them there and bring them back.

  • Super Foodservice at the Supermarket

    As supermarkets have evolved into convenient destinations for time-strapped customers to grab high-quality prepared foods to enjoy at home, store operations have increasingly required a variety of versatile equipment pieces to support their expanded service and menu offerings, and to market their products successfully.

  • Pizza E&S: Pizza Production with a Purpose

    From conveyor ovens to peels, a variety of pizza equipment and supplies help create one of America's most popular meals.

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