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Scrub and Wipe Your Way to Energy Efficiency

Learn simple cleaning tips to reduce your kitchen’s energy consumption.

Transforming your kitchen for maximum energy efficiency doesn’t have to be a costly venture. In fact, cleaning your equipment regularly can make a noticeable difference in your energy consumption. Here are a few techniques to employ in your kitchen. 

Hobart Offers Cost-Effective Mixing Solution

For kitchens that need a mixer for multiple applications, periodically mix heavy doughs and/or have limited batch use, Hobart offers its Centerline™ HMM20 standard heavy-duty mixer. This versatile 20-quart mixer is an excellent solution for kitchens that mix for less than four hours daily. 

Quarry Lets Food Shine

The satiny finish of Quarry becomes a blank slate. Its surface was specifically designed to complement—but never overshadow—the rich colors and textures of foods. See its hidden depths here.

Fresco Hues Mugs Bring the Color

A refreshing new addition to the Fresco line— Fresco Hues mugs! Outside is a studio- quality earthen finish. Inside, a counterpoint of vibrant colors that adds depth, dimension, and personality to the dining experience. See for yourself.

Custom Dinnerware is for Everyone

Homer Laughlin custom designer Chris Park wants you to know custom dinnerware isn’t just for fine dining and theme restaurants. “Whatever you’re already doing, custom dinnerware intensifies it.”