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Coffee Solutions for Today’s C-Store Environment

Where there are challenges, there is opportunity. In today’s convenience store environment, it’s the emerging technology that is changing self-service.

franke advertorialThe Menu Touchscreen highlights the simplicity of dispensing coffee, with the option to leave room for cream.This is especially the case with coffee programs — the backbone of c-store foodservice.

From today’s consumer perspective, minimizing contact and ensuring safety are top of mind. Super-automatic equipment checks all the boxes. Franke Coffee Systems’ portfolio is self-contained, with minimal touch points for creating top-quality coffee, ranging from bean-to-cup coffees to espresso-based beverages.

For retailers looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level, the coffee equipment’s Menu Touchscreen allows operators to develop advertisement images and screensavers. These play on the screen while drinks are prepared, which retailers can utilize to display messages or cross selling opportunities. Additionally, Franke Digital Services supports the remote management of coffee machines, with minimal on-site labor or interaction required.

Cleanliness is key in convenience, and Franke focuses on safety at the point of service. Its coffee systems include self-contained coffee, milk and syrups. Retailers can also utilize paper screen protectors, which provide minimal touch points.

Because Franke’s coffee machines require less labor than traditional units, c-store teams will have minimal contact and exposure when operating and maintaining their coffee program.

Today more than ever, it’s important to operate efficiently, safely and gain the trust of consumers. Rely on Franke Coffee Systems’ state-of-the-art technology to operate a coffee program with confidence.