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Setting the Table for Success ­— The Missing Piece of the Pie!

What if you found out today that none of your hard work mattered?

The hours you’ve spent designing the perfect menu, selecting the best ingredients, training your staff to provide exceptional service…all amounted to exactly nothing. What if you found out the months you’ve spent creating a décor and atmosphere that delights your guests and grows your brand reputation were all wasted? If you are seating the guests you’ve worked so hard to earn and impress at wobbly tables, this is not just a nightmare it’s a reality. No amount of care and craft can overcome the experience of dealing with an unstable table for your customers and staff.

FLAT soda

“It amazes me how many times we hear restaurant owners and operators tell us that they know they have wobbly tables in their locations,” says Barry Mancell, CEO of FLAT Tech, the leading authority on table stabilization technologies. “These brands work so hard to earn the business and loyalty of customers, and then place them at a table that WILL ruin that experience.”

There have been so many different “band aid” fixes for wobbly tables over the years — from the classic  jamming things under the feet to stabilize it to special springs or wedges to try and resolve the issue. However, no product has developed a real solution that consistently and permanently fixes wobbly tables — until FLAT Tech. Learn more about the complete line of solutions using either FLAT® Table Bases or FLAT® Equalizers (for existing tables bases) by visiting Flattech.com/promo1, and make your hard work profitable again.