Learn simple cleaning tips to reduce your kitchen’s energy consumption.

Transforming your kitchen for maximum energy efficiency doesn’t have to be a costly venture. In fact, cleaning your equipment regularly can make a noticeable difference in your energy consumption. Here are a few techniques to employ in your kitchen. 

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Ice Machines

  • Clean dust and debris from condenser coil and fan for better heat transfer 
  • Perform scheduled interior cleaning to avoid scale build up on evaporator plates 


  • Remove lime and scale deposits to prevent obstructive build up
  • Fix leaks to increase operating efficiently and reduce water usage 


  • Ensure door seal is tight to prevent heat loss
  • Clean interior to maintain reflective shine for beat heat optimization 


  • Degrease and clean heating element for optimal operation
  • Remove carbon accumulation for even heat distribution and reduced energy consumption 

Refrigerators & Freezers 

  • Clean build up around gasket seals to prevent cold air loss
  • Make sure coils and refrigeration system are clean and dust free for improved energy transfer 


  • Remove sediment from hot water tanks and heater coils to optimum energy transfer 
  • Inspect spray arms and pre-rinse valves for scale build up to reduce wash times and energy consumption

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