Service agent Christopher B. Warren, director of operations, Joe Warren & Sons, Norwood, Mass., offers a few tips on keeping underbar equipment in top operating condition.

FE&S: Talk about the importance of cleaning and maintenance with underbar equipment.

CW: The underbar equipment, design and layout is vital to an establishment’s profitability. A well-designed bar can increase sales, reduce operational costs and keep customers coming back. A clean and well-maintained underbar can yield similar results.

FE&S: Is it difficult to clean this area?

CW: It seems simple, but to keep this working area sanitary, the equipment must be cleaned by staff on a regular basis. A schedule should be created and followed.

FE&S: Are there special cleaners for underbar stainless equipment?

CW: Cleaning agents recommended by the manufacturers should be used. Where applicable, we recommend biodegradable, nontoxic cleaners that are tough on grease and stains.

FE&S: Are there signs operators should look for that signify this equipment needs replacing?

CW: Operators will know when underbar equipment needs replacing. If it’s an appliance, there will be signs that can be seen or heard that are obvious the equipment is failing.

FE&S: What should operators consider when deciding between repairing and replacing underbar equipment?

CW: These units should be treated just like any other appliance by considering all the variables. This includes past service costs, age of the equipment, total cost of replacement, potential downtime, etc. If the underbar equipment is beginning to show signs of age or not providing the service or storage capacity it once did, the decision should be made to either repair or replace it.

FE&S: When should operators call a service agent for this equipment?

CW: It’s time to call a service agent when the faulty equipment involved is beyond the skill set of an in-house technician or employee. The appliance could be an ice cream chest, blender, glass washer or other bar equipment. To expedite service and decrease repair costs, some helpful information that should be on hand to relay to the service agent includes specific equipment information, including the manufacturer, model number, serial number and power factors; best day/time for service; and a short summary of the service-related problem.