Hot/Cold Built-In Shelves

HATCOHatco Corp.

Hot/cold built-in shelves come in aluminum hardcoat and decorative stone versions. Operators can change between a heated shelf and cold shelf, depending on daypart, menu item, etc. It takes approximately 30 minutes for the shelves to transition from one mode to the other. 


Super Patty Machine

Hollymatic Super PattyHollymatic Corp.

The Super Patty Machine has a compact design and provides reliable portion control. It can produce up to 2,100 patties per hour in various shapes and sizes from ¾ ounce up to 8 ounces. The machine portions meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables, bakery items and more. 


Grove Servingware Collection

HLC Grove PR Image 11.28.17The Homer-Laughlin China Co.

The Grove Servingware line of small platters, trays and plates was designed by England native Mick Bowdler. With an appearance drawn from wood and stone, Grove blends unique coloring and texture with unconventional shapes. The servingware is distinguished by variations in the appearance and feel. 


Indigo NXT Modular Ice Machine

Manitowoc Indigo Ice machineManitowoc Ice-Welbilt Inc.

Indigo NXT modular ice machines incorporate a 2.8-inch icon-based user interface. Indicators display the operating status. One-touch access to asset information, service menu, reminders and alerts provide ease of operation. Auto detection of accessories, water usage settings, a one-touch icon to locate a service provider and a display lock feature to prevent unwanted tampering are included. 


HACCP Color-Coded Scale Platforms

San Jamar ScaleSan Jamar

Operators can switch between these HACCP color-coded scale platforms between weighings to help prevent cross-contamination. The dishwasher-safe platforms come in six colors and two sizes to accommodate the manufacturer’s Low Profile, Round and Round Professional Digital Scales.


Essential Nugget and Flaker

Scotsman EssentialScotsman Ice Systems, an Ali Group Co.

Essential Nugget and Essential Flaker ice machines include maintenance-free bearings and a stainless steel evaporator. The units measure 24 inches wide.


MaremmaTM 18/0

Walco Maremma 10 no cropWalco

Maremma 18/0 knives, named after an area in Southern Tuscany known for picturesque hilltop villages and vineyards, feature pinched bolsters and are made of heavy-weight steel. 


Digital Power Drawer

WinholtWinholt Equipment Group

The power drawer features a separate digital display for heating and proofing modes and is supported by a digital thermometer. LED Lights indicate the Heater Proofer is in use. The circuit breaker ensures over current protection to the heater proofer. Lights indicate low water level and low temperature.