Slim Jim Under-Counter Containers

Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Rubbermain Commercial Products slim jim stainless steel double dollySlim Jim Under-Counter Containers fit under counters, helping operators conserve space. The large, angled opening eliminates the need to pull containers out from under the counter. Containers are available in 13- and 23-gallon capacities. Mobility options are available for 13-gallon containers.


Vegetable Preparation Machine

Robot Coupe USA Inc.

Robot Coupe CL 52A Vegetable Preparation Machine accommodates bulky vegetables with a large hopper. A range of 42 discs can slice, ripple cut, and grate into sticks, strips or dices. Parts are removable for cleaning. The 425 rpm, single-speed machine processes delicate food with a direct drive motor.


Fresco Hues Mugs

Homer Laughlin China Co.

Homer Laughlin Fresco Hues Cups PR ImageB 61819Fresco Hues includes a quartet of 14-ounce cafe-size mugs in robin’s egg blue, goldenrod and lemongrass colors. Exhibiting an earthy terra-cotta look, no two pieces are alike.


Krampouz Waffle Makers

Hatco Corp.

Hatco KWM18 2LG47Krampouz Waffle Makers cook continuous waffles for commercial kitchens and display cooking locations. The adjustable temperature control enables operators to cook consistently from a variety of batters. Removable top and bottom heating element packs provide consistent heat distribution over the waffle plate surface.


M3 Data Management System

Frontline International

Frontline M3 Upgrade PR Image 62019The M3 data management system allows kitchen managers to control and monitor cooking oil using a central web-based utility. The online dashboard enables users to tap into cooking oil, saving oil and optimizing chain practice. Users can access the system online from a computer, digital tablet or smartphone.


Ausburg Salt and Pepper Mills

Frieling USA Inc.

Frieling Ausburg Salt and Pepper Mills from Zassenhaus 2Ausburg Salt and Pepper Mills from Zassenhaus are available in black and white for mixing and matching. The CeraPlus German ceramic grinding mechanism comes with a 25-year warranty and has infinite grind settings. The Ausburg Mill is smoothly tapered, curving inward at the center with a painted beechwood base and stainless top.



Flat Tech Inc.

Flat Equalizers Different Thread SizesEqualizers stabilize and align existing tables. Hydraulic technology is incorporated into self-stabilizing feet for existing or new table bases. Tables stabilize with a press of the tabletop internal locks. Equalizers adjust up to ¼ inch and lock in place.


Multifruit Juicers

Zumex USA

ZUMEX MULTIFRUIT Negra 45 GRADOS 15Multifruit Juicers with titanium shredding discs shred hard fruits and vegetables. The blade strength and crosshead, coupled with the disc, improve cutting and increase resistance to wear and tear. Five colors are available.


Versatile Chef Station


Vulcan Chef StationThe Versatile Chef Station acts as a griddle, fry pan, stock pot, saucepan and rondeau pan. Operators can use the cooking surface for searing, braising, simmering, steaming, boiling, shallow frying, sauteing and retherming.


Food Delivery and Transport Bags

Vollrath Co.

Vollrath DeliveryBag PressRelease v2In the 3-Series food delivery bags, menu items generate heat in the bag, while insulation helps retain heat. The 5-Series features a heat pad that preheats the bag and is either unplugged for transport or powered by an optional 12 volt in-car power cord. A variety of styles are available.