Stainless Steel Worktables

Sapphire Manufacturing Inc.

Sapphire Manufacturing Stainless Steel Worktable SMTB 3060GStainless steel worktables feature an undershelf and backsplash. The top is fabricated with a 1½-inch rounded front edge, flat edges on both ends and a 45-degree slanted backsplash. The table’s front edge is formed with hemmed edges to provide extra rigidity. All exposed welded areas are smooth polished to a brush sanitary finish.


Energy Efficient Deep Fat Fryer

Royal Range of California

Royal Range REEF 35 FryerThe 35-pound capacity energy-efficient deep-fat fryer has a stainless steel front and sides. Cast-iron burners come with a rating of 24,000 Btu/hour. A millivolt control system has a safety shutoff. Twin fry baskets with plastic-coated handles provide ease of handling. Options include a stainless steel tank cover and side splash guard.




Paco Jet PJ2 PLUS freigestelltThe 2 PLUS uses the programmable automatic repeat function, so recipes can be preset to operate repeatedly with over-pressure. The unit enables chefs to micro-puree fresh, deep-frozen foods without thawing to produce mousses, ice creams, and sorbets or soups, sauces and fillings. The process preserves aromas, natural colors and nutrients in ready-to-serve portions, per the maker.


Pro Series Griddle

Imperial Range

Imperial RangeThe Pro Series Griddle is made with high carbon AR50 (Abrasion Resistant) plates that can help with consistent heat transfer. Three embedded RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) temperature-sensing probes per burner are placed within .125-inches from the top of the griddle for more accurate sensing.


Vacuum Insulated Coffee Urn

Eastern Tabletop Mfg. Co. Inc.

Eastern TablewareVacuum-insulated coffee urns keep hot beverages at serving temperatures for extended periods. The thermally vacuum-insulated urns and tightly sealed lids keep heat consistent. Constructed of stainless steel with a removable body, the urns feature pillar-style legs and a heat-resistant spigot.


Custom Refrigeration

Eagle Group

Eagle Custom RefrigerationCustom refrigeration is available as part of custom-fabricated chef’s counters and serving counters. One-, two- and three-door models feature self-contained or remote refrigeration, stainless steel flattops or raised-rail-style refrigerators. Standard features include stainless steel interior and exteriors, digital temperature controls, foam-in-place CFC-free urethane insulation and front fascia-mounted dial thermometers.


Midnight Rose Tableware

Dudson Ltd.

Dudson Midnight RoseThe Midnight Rose tableware pattern is an update of the traditional ceramic rose pattern. It’s available in a series of colors that create a monochrome palette. The addition of a gold color within the pattern gives Midnight Rose a finish suitable for use in such applications as a contemporary afternoon tea menu. The dinnerware is dishwasher and microwave safe.


Mixology Gear


Barfly Vintage Group BG hr rgb v1 aThis barware line is suitable for use in making both classic libations and creative cocktails. Products include shakers in different sizes, finishes and colors; bar spoons in an assortment of lengths; measuring tools; strainers; ice tools; muddlers; knives; garnishing tools; peelers; and serving tools, such as stainless steel cocktail picks, metal straws and tongs.


Piranha Dual Agent Fire Suppression System

Tyco Fire Protection Products

Ansul R 102 Automan Tank Pull StationThe Piranha Dual Agent Restaurant Fire Suppression System utilizes two extinguishing agents — wet chemicals and water. The system attacks fire using the rapid flame knockdown and the securing capabilities of PRX Liquid Fire Suppressant, then water follows, cooling the cooking media and helping to prevent re-flash.


DL-30 Prep Table

Advance Tabco

Advance Tabco prep tableThe DL-30 series prep tables with countertop edge come with welded stainless steel sinks and 1½-inch drains in each sink bowl. The units also come with a poly cutting board that slides over the sink bowls. The stainless steel top’s no-drip countertop edge prevents liquids from spilling onto the floor.