Toast-Qwik Conveyor Toasters

hatco toasterHatco Corp.

Toast-Qwik Conveyor Toasters have a modernized design and advanced controls. The touchscreen control panel allows implementation of up to 12 programmable product settings. The unit monitors and adjusts conveyor speed for consistent toasting results.


R2200 Table Top Forming and Portioning Machine

hollymaticHollymatic Corp.

The self-feeding Model R2200 Table Top Forming and Portioning Machine is designed for small- to high-volume food processors. The compact unit forms products into a multitude of shapes and sizes. It has a variable speed production output rate of 2,200 portions per hour. 


Rotator Oven with Double Mouth Opening

marra forni white penny dbMarra Forni, Wood-Fired Brick Ovens

The Rotator Oven with double mouth opening pass-through rotating-deck oven accommodates two chefs cooking simultaneously. The unit’s dual forced-air burners help cook pizzas in a half rotation of 90 seconds or less. Refractory bricks produce efficient heat absorption, retention and consistent cooking. Operators can use a touch screen to control oven temperature, deck rotation speed and auto on/off. 


AM-50 Series Undercounter Icemakers

hoshizaki am 50baj series icemakersHoshizaki

The AM-50BAJ and AM-50BAJ-AD undercounter icemaker models include a full-length, stainless steel tubular handle and field-reversible door. The 147/8-inch wide and 225/8-inch deep icemaker cabinet comes in 331/2-inch and 311/2-inch heights to comply with ADA guidelines. It produces up to 55 pounds of top hat shaped ice cubes daily and stores 22 pounds in a built-in bin. 


Tobin Ellis Signature Draft Cocktail System

perlick tobinellisdraftcocktailsystem3Perlick Corp.

The Tobin Ellis Signature Draft Cocktail System includes a four-port Corny keg with mechanical NSF-approved pump. The system can fit into existing or new bars. A bartender cockpit is ergonomically designed to increase beverage production in high-volume environments. 


R2U Commercial Food Processor

robot coupeRobot Coupe USA Inc.

The R2U food processor includes two attachments to perform a multitude of functions. The cutter bowl function creates creamy sauces and emulsions and performs various other chopping and mixing tasks. The vegetable preparation attachment allows for 23 different cuts. 


Glenray Kettle

tomlinson glenray kettleTomlinson Industries

The redesigned Glenray Kettle soup-warming kettle has a one-piece stainless steel insert and hinges along with a powder-coated stainless steel collar for added durability and corrosion resistance. The 101/2-quart, 400-watt unit also has adjustable temperature control to 205 degrees F, an at-a-glance power-on light and 1-year warranty.


Electric Sealed Well Hot Food Tables

advance tabcoAdvance Tabco

These hot food tables feature a poly cutting board that provides a plate shelf and open base for additional storage. A stainless steel body, top and legs offer durability, and feet adjust for added flexibility. The unit includes electric sealed wells with manifold drains and thermostatic controls. 


Squound Line

american metalcraft sth6 sth8 sth14 sth16American Metalcraft

Squound bowls, square trays, mini pans and fry cups have a hammered design unique to each piece. This line also includes salt and pepper shakers, double-wall cups and tumblers, martini glasses and pilsners. Square and angled hammered tubs also are available for the bar and special events.


GST-1H Flatbread Toaster

antunes gst 1h flatbread toasterAntunes

The GST-1H flatbread toasters heat pitas, flatbreads and tortillas or cook raw tortillas in seconds, allowing operations to serve these items on demand. A motorized conveyor guides product along two high-temperature platens. The front load and front return make this item a good fit for back-of-the-house placement.