Jet Steamer

antunes jet steamer js 1000Antunes

The Jet Steamer uses bursts of steam to prepare small food portions. The power and temperature of the steam inside the unit’s steaming cup creates a vacuum that mixes and heats foods fast. A touchscreen interface enables operators to preprogram cooking times for a variety of menu items.


Cook and Hold Half Size

cozoc cook and holdCozoc Group Inc.

The Cook and Hold Half Size Oven features stainless steel construction. A uniform heat source maintains close temperature tolerances throughout the cooking and holding function. The unit comes with side racks with 15 pan positions and a digital control panel.


CA6X Circle Air Oven

doyonDoyon Equipment Inc.

The CA6X Circle Air Oven uses a jet air system to proof and bake in the same oven. Moisture evacuation technology provides a consistent bake. A pulse and shot steam feature helps products retain moisture during the baking process. 


Instinct Induction Countertop Line

garland griddleGarland Commercial Range – Welbilt

Instinct is a multisensor induction countertop line that incorporates cook and hold functions under one unit, measuring temperatures across the entire surface. Dual zone Instinct can adjust frequency on each cook zone to match pan requirements, adjusting for elements like ferrous content and pan quality, boosting performance and mitigating against temperature overshoots.


Toast-Qwik Conveyor Toasters

hatco toasterHatco Corp.

Toast-Qwik Conveyor Toasters have a modernized design and advanced controls. The touchscreen control panel allows implementation of up to 12 programmable product settings. The unit monitors and adjusts conveyor speed for consistent toasting results.


Rotator Oven with Double Mouth Opening

marra forni white penny dbMarra Forni, Wood-Fired Brick Ovens

The Rotator Oven with double mouth opening pass-through rotating-deck oven accommodates two chefs cooking simultaneously. The unit’s dual forced-air burners help cook pizzas in a half rotation of 90 seconds or less. Refractory bricks produce efficient heat absorption, retention and consistent cooking. Operators can use a touch screen to control oven temperature, deck rotation speed and auto on/off. 


Glenray Kettle

tomlinson glenray kettleTomlinson Industries

The redesigned Glenray Kettle soup-warming kettle has a one-piece stainless steel insert and hinges along with a powder-coated stainless steel collar for added durability and corrosion resistance. The 101/2-quart, 400-watt unit also has adjustable temperature control to 205 degrees F, an at-a-glance power-on light and 1-year warranty.