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Heated Display Merchandisers

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Heated Display Merchandisers

The condition of front-of-house equipment visible to customers, such as heated display merchandisers, is a reflection of an operation. Keeping this equipment clean and properly maintained plays a critical role in the success of any retail operation, as the appearance of food displays will draw customers’ attention.

Christopher B. Warren, director of operations at Joe Warren & Sons, Norwood, Mass., provides the basics for properly caring for heated display merchandisers.

  • Wipe all food surfaces daily with a food-safe agent. Use a stainless steel cleaner as needed.
  • Wipe glass or sneeze guards daily with glass cleaner to remove fingerprints and food debris.
  • Proper maintenance on a heated display merchandiser should include a regular check to ensure the glass remains free of small cracks
    or chips.
  • Check for visible signs that a component may
    need replacement.
  • Signs that a heated display merchandiser requires service include a deteriorating toggle switch rubber boot, a burned-out bulb, a torn power cord, a damaged end cap or an element that struggles to reach or maintain proper temperature.