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Purchasing a Commercial Fryer

Operators should keep several factors in mind when purchasing a commercial fryer.

Sizing plays a key factor when choosing a fryer. Operators should take volume into account when making a purchasing decision. In addition, consider the configuration. Some designs work better with certain foods than others.

A high-quality oil filter can help extend oil life and maintain food quality. Auto filtration can help with this. Built-in filter drawers can provide easier and safer operation, while central oil filtration and recovery pumped through the kitchen are designed for larger operations.

Higher volume operations and large chains typically specify fryers with digital controls for added speed and consistency. With newer technology, there are buttons with menu items highlighted that fry for a predetermined amount of time.

Geared for low-volume operations, ventless countertop fryers with 2- to 3-pound capacities may eliminate the need for hoods, if local codes allow.

Automated basket lifts become a popular fryer option in high-volume operations, since they can help save labor. Programmable controls provide increased product consistency.