While they’re best known for cooking pizzas, operators can also use conveyor ovens to produce breadsticks, baked goods and even proteins like chicken breasts and hamburger patties. Here are a few tips to keeping conveyor ovens in good working order.

  • Check the conveyor drive chain at least once a week. A loose chain can impact cooking times and damage the conveyor motor.
  • Clean the conveyor belt regularly, following the manufacturer’s recommendations for frequency and cleaning method. This can involve both cleaning the belt while it is still attached and removing the belt for deeper cleaning. Debris on the belt is not only unsanitary, it can also get into the oven’s moving parts, impacting performance.
  • If cleaning the belt while it is still attached, staff should wait for the oven to cool completely.
  • Keep all vents and air intakes clean. A clogged vent or dirty fan blades can cause an oven to overheat.
  • Though it’s out of sight, empty an oven’s crumb tray regularly.