While chef bases don’t grab your attention like a chargrill or fryer, they play a key role in food production in many kitchens. Points of failure on these units include standard refrigeration components to drawers and doors. Here are some tips to keeping these pieces up and running.

  • Keep the condenser coil on chef bases clean. A dirty coil will have to work harder to maintain temperatures, lowering efficiency and shortening the life of a unit.
  • The doors and drawers on a chef base are used far more often than on a standard upright or walk-in refrigerator. Keep an eye on hinges and gaskets for signs of wear and tear.
  • Along these lines, train staff not to slam these doors and drawers shut, or to hang items like tongs on the handles. That can lead to premature breakdowns.
  • Be careful in cleaning chef bases. Abrasive chemicals and scouring pads can damage the protective coating of stainless steel, which can leave an opening for rust. Use cloth rags, mild soap and warm water to clean.
  • Space is always tight on a cooking line but be careful trying to squeeze anything in next to a chef base. Blocking a vent can impact performance and cause the unit to break down.