Convection ovens are great for baking cookies, crusty breads and other baked goods, along with potatoes, casseroles and more. As relatively simple units, many of the tips for keeping convection ovens working well should be common sense to experienced operators.

  • Convection ovens have air intakes that help circulate the hot air in the cooking chamber. Keep this intake clean and clear at all times. If not, the convection action simply won’t be effective.
  • When the oven is cool, make sure the flue is free of debris that can clog the channel and prevent proper ventilation.
  • Like all stainless-steel equipment, clean convection ovens daily with a non-abrasive cleaning solution and soft towel or sponge. Abrasive chemicals or materials can damage the unit and mar its appearance.
  • Never spray down the exterior of a convection oven with a hose. While it may seem like a quick and easy cleaning method, water can easily short out a unit’s electrical components.
  • Remove and clean the oven rack on a daily basis.