Entire foodservice concepts revolve around the food rotisserie ovens produce. Standard oven technology, along with the mechanical nature of rotisserie cooking, create some unusual service and maintenance requirements for these units.

Here are four tips to keep a rotisserie operating at peak efficiency:

  • The racks, spits and forks in a rotisserie oven are constantly moving. Keep an eye out for wear and proper attachment to the oven’s rotors.
  • As with all ovens, check the seals of the rotisserie door to make sure no heat is escaping.
  • One of the features of rotisserie cooking is that grease from chicken and other meats fall onto grease plates at the bottom of the unit, where it’s then collected in grease drawers. Empty and clean these frequently.
  • Keep the unit’s fan blades and ventilation clean. If they’re not maintained, food will not cook as quickly.