Water Filtration

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T&S Brass and Bronze Works

The LakeCrest line of aesthetic faucets features five refined designs, including single-lever faucets, a concealed widespread faucet design, a metering faucet and a semi-pro kitchen faucet.


Mobile Handwashing Station


This mobile handwashing unit is suitable for use in outdoor and indoor foodservice operations, schools and various other places. The unit features two five-gallon fresh-water containers and two six-gallon wastewater containers. It also includes an electric pump and can handle up to 70 hand washes, per the maker. The unit’s casters allow for easier repositioning of the station.


Organic Cleaner

Aqua Pro

BioOne is an organic cleaner used to clean septic tanks, drain lines, grease traps and more. It is composed of 100% live vegetative microbes, and this makes it nonpathogenic, nonhazardous, and safer for people, pipes and pets, per the maker. The product uses “friendly” bacteria that eat their way through waste, creating a natural biological digestion process and thus eliminating drain line buildup.


All-in-One Hand Sink

Advance Tabco

Features of the 7-PS-131 hand sink include a touchless automatic soap dispenser, hands-free electronic faucet and C-fold style towel dispenser. The 71/2-inch side splashes on both sides help protect the surrounding areas from contamination.


Twist Lever Drains

Tap Industries, Sapphire Manufacturing

Twist Lever Drains come in two styles: a heavy-duty version with a chrome-plated brass body or an economy version with an ABS plastic body. Both fit any 3½-inch drain opening and have an overflow connection with a sealing cap and a removable stainless-steel strainer.


Sensor Faucet for Easy Deck-Mount Retrofit

T&S Brass

Part of the company’s ChekPoint sensor faucet line, the hands-free EC-3107 can replace deck-mounted manual two-hole faucets without altering existing hole configurations. The unit features a gooseneck nozzle, below-deck electronics, a water-resistant control module with internal flow control switches, customizable auto time-out and shut-off delay settings, an optional auto-flush feature that flows water for 30 seconds after every 12 inactive hours, and a polished chrome-plated brass body.


Portable Hand Sinks

T&S Brass

This line of portable hand sinks features stainless-steel construction and comes in a variety of configurations for various applications. Users can choose from options that connect to available water lines or carry onboard fresh water and include a foot-activated water pump. Wastewater tanks support installations without access to existing drains, and sink models are available with manual faucets or hands-free electronic sensor faucets to further boost hygiene.


Mobile Sanitary Sink

QualServ, a division of The Middleby Corporation

The QS-MSS-24 comes with a no-touch faucet and automatic soap and paper towel dispensers. The unit also comes with a water heater that provides on-demand hot water. The unit measures 33 inches wide by 24 inches deep by 36 inches high. Features include a stainless-steel counter and cabinet, a one-compartment stainless-steel basin, a locking cabinet, 5-inch swivel casters, a 5-gallon freshwater tank and a 6-gallon wastewater tank.


Dry Well Steam Tables


Each dry well features a Calrod heating element with independent temperature control, designed to hold a variety of foods at precise serving temperature. Steam tables are available in two, three, four and five dry well options. The tabletops are made from stainless steel, and the units come with galvanized steel adjustable feet. Each dry well features a stainless-steel liner, a durable cutting board and an adjustable undershelf. Breath guards are also available.


Space-Saver Hand Sinks

Eagle Group

This line of hand sinks measures 12 inches side to side. The sinks feature 304 stainless-steel construction with a deep-drawn positive drain narrow sink bowl, a basket drain, an inverted V edge to prevent spillage and a splash-mounted gooseneck faucet.


Double-Sided Handwashing Station


This unit features a pair of sinks separated by a safety guard. Each side also includes a faucet, foot pedal for hands-free use and dispensers for both soap and paper towels. It comes equipped with a 10-gallon fresh-water tank and a 13-gallon wastewater tank.


Everpure 4SI Filter Cartridge


The Everpure 4SI Filter Cartridge by Pentair is a quick-change, carbon-free ice filter cartridge designed to reduce slime and control scale in ice machines. The 4SI cartridge helps with particulate reduction and with submicron media and helps protect against disease causing cysts. It can also help hospitals keep their ice machines in compliance with the upcoming ASHRAE Standard 188P. The Everpure 4SI Filter Cartridge requires no electricity to operate and is backward-compatible with existing Everpure manifolds.


Antimicrobial Faucet Handles

T&S Brass and Bronze Works

T&S Brass has updated its antimicrobial-coated faucet handles. The antimicrobial coating is now available as an option on redesigned wrist-action, four-arm and lever handles.


Watts Hydro-Safe QT Filtration Systems


Hydro-Safe QT systems provide filtration solutions for a range of applications, including ice machines, combi ovens, steamers, and cold beverage and brewing equipment. Hydro-Safe QT systems for ice machines and steam-related equipment employ both traditional phosphate anti-scale processes and Watts’ OneFlow technology, which reduces the formation of scale using no salt or electricity. Hydro-Safe systems configurations include single- and multi-stage housings, with flow rates from 1.5 GPM to 6 GPM — and capacities from 15,000 gallons to 66,000 gallons.