Flooding Could Mean Problems for Outdoor Walk-ins, Panda Express Going Green and More

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June 11, 2015

Flooding Could Mean Problems for Outdoor Walk-ins

Enough rain fell on Texas last month to cover the entire state — all 269,000 square miles of it — in eight inches of water. The result, as everyone knows, was massive flooding in many areas. One hard hit area was Dallas, home of service agency Refrigerated Specialists, Inc. According to Account Manager Mike Via, his company has been busy dealing with the fallout.

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Why You Should Maintain Your Ice Machines

Solving problems before they start is one of the most cost-effective ways preventive maintenance could help enhance the performance and prolong the life of your equipment. Find out how regular cleaning and replacement of worn parts could keep your ice machines running at peak performance all summer long.

Service Tips: Blast Chillers

Blast chillers represent major investments for foodservice operations. To get the most out of your unit, be sure to follow some basic maintenance guidelines.

Green Case Study: Panda Express

Panda Restaurant Group, operator of Panda Express, Hibachi-San Japanese Grill and Panda Inn, a modern Asian concept, has been on a steady path toward sustainability for the last decade.

Thermo-Kool Announces Personnel Moves

Thermo-Kool introduced Paul Moss as its new accounting manager and promoted Melanie Roney to administrative resource manager.

Two Huge Places For Contamination and How to Stop It

The first lesson that everyone learns when they enter a professional kitchen is to wash their hands. Cleanliness is essential to prevent food-borne bacteria, mold and other microorganisms from making people sick and spoiling food. Governments have enacted many rules for how to clean a commercial kitchen to ensure safety.

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