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Opinion pieces on the foodservice equipment and supplies industry from leaders and laymen from all aspects of the business, including dealers, distributors, design consultants and multi-unit operators.

Doc B’s Risky Shift from Fast Casual to Full Service

When we opened the first Doc B's in September 2013 in Chicago we started as a fast-casual concept with digital menu boards, GPS table trackers and a few servers to run the food to customers. By March 2014, we started to make the transition to full service. Not long after, we converted our second Chicago location to full service, and then went on to open six additional sites throughout Florida and Texas. Our newest location will open this summer in Aventura, Fla.

We Had Some Fun...

Well, I’m not sure that having fun was all that we wanted to do at The NAFEM Show 2019 in Orlando, Fla., but I can tell you that we certainly had some. (Yep — another reference to Sheryl Crow, who I would like to thank for tossing me her guitar pick.)

The Rise of Holistic

I hear the word holistic used a lot these days. Nutritionists and others in the health and wellness space use it to describe the way they approach consulting and care. Many executives latch onto the term to describe a next generation or new wave of thinking as businesses evolve. In this time-crunched, profit-pinched and super-competitive world, a holistic approach has become more important than perhaps ever before.

A Pro You Should Know: Hattie Hill, CEO and President, Women’s Foodservice Forum

As CEO and president of Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF) for the past five years, Hattie Hill makes it her mission to collect research, insights and best practice solutions in order to help close the workplace gender gap in the foodservice industry. The group’s annual conference, March 10 to 13 in Dallas, marks its 30th anniversary. Hattie is also the founder and CEO of Hattie Hill Enterprises (HHE), a management and human relations consultancy in Dallas.

Lessons Learned Under the Arches

When McDonald’s reported its fourth-quarter earnings for 2018, in many ways it was as if the burger giant was providing an update for the entire foodservice operator community.

Employee Recognition Honors

Family, relationships, honoring teachers and celebrating tradition are all important. There should be no doubt the new ideas, energy and technological flexibility of youth is critical to the future success of the foodservice industry. Balancing the vim and vigor of newcomers — in my view anyone with less than 10 years in the biz — with the sacrifice and hard work of our founding mothers and fathers seems like the best formula for success.

Designing for Delivery

Tired of hearing about delivery this and that yet? Well, it’s only just begun according to Daniel Boutare, managing associate, and David Stone, managing partner and principal, both of The New England Consulting Group (NECG) in Westport, Conn.