Perhaps more than any other, this is the question that every business person must come to terms with eventually.

Maureen Slocum, Publisher

The goal of being the best is almost universally espoused in mission statements, advertisements, and closed-door planning sessions. No matter the product or service, no matter the industry, every business, it seems, would like to be considered "best in class" by their peers, vendors and, most importantly, their customers.

We at FE&S have thought about that a lot. You see, we are no different in this respect. We too want to be considered best in class by you – our readers and our advertisers. We know that in order to achieve this goal we have to constantly strive towards improvement in the content that we offer our readers and the value proposition that we bring to the advertising community.

With that in mind, we proudly present the results from FE&S' 2010 Best in Class study. For the past 10 years, our industry leading Best in Class study has given foodservice dealers, consultants and operators a chance to voice their thoughts about which manufacturers are the best of the best. As we strive to remain best in class in your eyes, the team at FE&S continues to look for ways to improve the quality of the research that goes into these results.

Towards this end, we have invited more than 10,000 dealers, consultants, and operators to weigh in on the products and companies contained in this study. Further, we have asked respondents to rank their responses according to the importance that they place on each factor measured.

The 10,000 dealers, consultants, and operators contacted represent a cross section of our core, qualified readership: foodservice professionals who buy, recommend, or specify foodservice equipment and supplies. To those who took the time to thoughtfully respond to our detailed questionnaire, we owe a special thank you. Your professionalism in thoughtfully responding benefits the entire foodservice industry and your voice is being heard.

For those of you who are pleased with the results contained in this study, we hope that you will take an extra measure of pride given the added level of care and scrutiny that has gone in to the results. For those of you who are disappointed with the results, we hope that you will see this as a starting point to work towards changing the perceptions measured by this study.

If you would like to purchase a comprehensive 2010 Best in Class research study, please contact me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Purchasing information is also available at under the research tab.

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback as we strive to refine the process and improve our research offerings to the industry at large.