A special shout-out this month to Editorial Director Joe Carbonara and the entire Zoomba Group team for establishing a new high-water mark for FE&S’ professional recognition. In May the American Society of Business Publication Editors recognized this publication with seven of its national Azbee awards for design and content excellence.

It is extremely gratifying to see the hard work that goes into each issue of FE&S rewarded by an independent third-party judge. The overarching goal for Zoomba Group has been — and remains — to give you, the reader, a publication worth reading, and these awards validate our efforts toward this goal.

The “plus one” in the headline is for FE&S’ sister publication, restaurant development + design, which falls under the direction of Joe and Editor-in-Chief Rebecca Kilbreath. For the third time in six years, rd+d has been recognized in the top ten as an Azbee Magazine of the Year in our revenue class. If you are unfamiliar with rd+d, check it out at rddmag.com. This beautiful magazine is free to qualifying subscribers with a professional interest in restaurant design.

A few weeks ago we announced that the first annual FE&S Tour the Trends event, which will take place in Chicago on Sept. 10, 2019. By the time you read this, Joe will have gleefully announced details about the tour — it involves two of his favorite things: restaurants and baseball.