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Campus Sustainability Program

It was a tough decision,” says Peter Testory, director of dining and culinary services, Division of University Housing at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, referencing the switch to reusable plastic containers in university housing foodservice facilities. Going all-in was the tough part, he says, which meant eliminating other options for students seeking to take food outside the dining area.

Instagram Hacks

Like delivery and farm-to-table trends before it, Instagram-ready dishes have captivated the food and restaurant industry across multiple segments. Some diners even make a living off of the photo-focused platform.

The Evolution of Mexican Cuisine

Americans’ love of ethnic foods has supported the influx of Mexican restaurants over the years. The segment continues to transcend from the ubiquitous tacos and tamales to more authentic and regionally inspired concepts.

Five Chain Innovators

In the worst-case scenario, chain equals big, and big equals slow to change. Many times, the behemoth multi-unit operators are more reactive than proactive. That’s not always the case, though. Some chains, big and small, demonstrate an impressive ability to innovate and find new ways to succeed in an evolving market. Taco Bell, one of the QSR leviathans, for instance, is succeeding with a new Cantina design that makes the chain a hip hangout.

Chain Innovators: Dog Haus

Things are already shaping up for 2019 to be a big year for Pasadena, Calif.-based Dog Haus. This fast-casual chain specializing in high-quality hot dogs and sausages expects to nearly double its store count, adding 30 new locations over the course of the year.

Chain Innovators: Balance Grille

The founders of Balance Grille were clear about their goal for the concept when first profiled in FE&S in November 2016: a mission-driven business dedicated not just to “clean Asian food” but also to rethinking how a restaurant venture treats its employees, its food and its guests.

Chain Innovators: The Melting Pot

With the challenges facing casual dining, many operators in the space try to offer their guests not just food but an experience — something to remember that makes the time, money and effort of visiting a full-service restaurant worthwhile.

Chain Innovators: Fajita Pete's

Fajita Pete’s Founder Pedro Mora saw the trend toward guests eating away from restaurants coming a decade ago. Now established in one market, Fajita Pete’s is building the infrastructure for successful expansion.

Chain Innovators: Fazoli's

A decade ago Fazoli’s was a flailing brand with numerous store closings and declining sales. The Italian concept, says CEO Carl Howard, was “positioned in the QSR space. We were getting killed. I came in and did a brand study to find out why the brand was performing so poorly. We really got no credit for food quality or for service, and that’s pretty much what we do for a living.”