A mainstay of pizza restaurants and sandwich shops, conveyor ovens can turn out food quickly and consistently. They’re almost always a key part of their operation’s kitchen, so keeping them running well is essential. Here are a few tips to maintaining your conveyor oven.

  • Conveyor ovens need daily cleaning. In addition to wiping down the exterior, the conveyor belt should be wiped clean to and the interior chamber swept of crumbs.
  • The entire conveyor belt should be removed regularly (as instructed by the manufacturer) for a thorough cleaning.
  • The thorough cleaning of a conveyor oven requires removing parts and then reassembling them. If a unit is not working well after cleaning, double check that all parts were put in correctly.
  • Be sure not to overload a unit’s conveyor belt. Doing so could slow it down or stop it entirely. If the belt won’t move, check it for obstructions.