Coronavirus News

As Consumer Confidence Rises So Does Restaurant Sales

With states and municipalities continuing to slowly lift restrictions on restaurants, foodservice operators and, for that matter, other businesses, consumer confidence continues to creep back. As a result, sales at restaurants show small but positive improvements.

Pizza Inn Takes a New Look at the Buffet

One presumed outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic is the demise of self-service options like buffets and salad bars. Through thoughtful hard work and collaboration, though, one restaurant chain is doing what it can to ensure its self-serve options continue to thrive once guests return for on-premises dining.

Slapfish Wins with Flexible Segment Approach, Narrow Menu

Slapfish’s approach to growth gave the 26-store chain a slight advantage when the pandemic hit. Instead of having a set footprint, the chain’s portfolio has grown through every kind of venue, from delivery/take-away style restaurants for food halls and event venues to an operation soon to open that could go flex-casual: fast casual at lunch and full service with a full bar for dinner.

Industry Event Changes due to the new Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus continues to cause numerous industry groups to reschedule or cancel upcoming events. FE&S will continue to update this list as more information becomes available. This list was updated May 12.

Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Dealers Prepare for New Normal

Much has been made about how stay-at-home orders continue to impact restaurants and other foodservice operators, and rightfully so. But foodservice operators are not the only ones trying to come to grips with what the new normal will mean for the industry.

Georgia Offers an Early Look at what Reentry Might Look Like for Restaurants

As the conversation gradually shifts toward reentry and what that could potentially look like, the foodservice industry may have gotten a glimpse of what’s to come last week when Georgia allowed restaurants to open their dining rooms.