Tabletop Awards

Recognizing excellence in the strategic and functional application of tabletop design.


Independent Restaurant with a Per Person Check Average of More than $30
Honorable Mention: Greenhouse Tavern, Cleveland

Independent Restaurants with a Per Person Check Average of More than $30
First Place: Javier's Cantina and Grill, Irvine, Calif.

The tabletop is the most important three feet in a restaurant because it's the first thing the guests see and it's the aspect of the foodservice operation they interact with the most. As such a well-executed tabletop sets the diner's expectations for the experience they are about to enjoy. FE&S recognizes excellence in strategic and functional application of permanentware tabletop design in five categories.

Types: Tabletop accessories include bread boards or baskets; charger plates; cheese bowls or shakers; napkin rings and dispensers; oil/vinegar cruets; salt-and-pepper mills or shakers; ramekins; serving trays; sign holders; condiment squeeze bottles; thermal beverage servers; wine buckets and stands; creamers and sugar holders; votives or candlesticks; electric table lamps; and more.