Commercial Kitchen Storage Makeover

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For the second consecutive year, foodservice operators and their supply chain partners are invited to submit their back-of-house storage areas for a makeover. This can include dry storage, refrigerated storage, sink and prep areas and other related storage areas. The winner will receive a storage and productivity assessment followed by a makeover of their storage and efficiency needs. The assessment may include shelving, workstations, wall-shelving, worktables, custom configurations, track systems and more – courtesy of Metro. The winner will also appear in a story in an upcoming issue of FE&S. Click the link to read about the inaugural winner, Fort William Henry Hotel and Conference Center and be sure to check out the before and after videos below the submission form.

Who’s Eligible: Independent restaurants, chain restaurants and non-commercial operators such as schools, colleges and universities, healthcare foodservice operators, correctional foodservice and others.

New in 2019: In addition to the general information required for inclusion, you now have the option to upload a video file (.mp4). A simple cell phone video of someone walking the space and explaining the storage needs can greatly help the judges in understanding your storage dilemma. See below for an example of a good entry video.

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Fill out the below form and you could be next. Questions? Contact Kevin Poch at

2019 Kitchen Storage Makeover Contest Entry Form

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Please include the following in a PDF file or a ZIP file with all images and write-ups that’s no larger than 20MB or optional video (.mp4 or .mov file)
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Overview of Operation: Description of the operation including size, menu, service type, target audience and anything else you deem relevant (limit 400 words).

Description of Storage & Efficiency Needs: Describe why your facility needs a storage and productivity makeover and how you feel it would benefit. Please include descriptions of any unique processes that can be improved through better space management. Remember… dry storage, sink areas, coolers/freezers, cook line areas, and prep areas all have storage needs.

Ex: What makes you deserving? What is overall impact a makeover will have on customers, employees, students etc? What makes your problem areas clumsy, inefficient, yucky and messy? Be creative, show your personality… and YOU can be next!

Photos: Include a minimum of 10 pictures of dry storage, sink areas, coolers/freezers, cook line areas, and prep areas in need of overhaul (15 maximum).

Video:Include a simple cell phone video of someone walking the space and explaining process, and storage needs. (optional; 25MB maximum). See video above for an example of a good entry video.

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