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Hampton Inn Expands Small Kitchen Menu with Vector® Multi-Cook Oven

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For 25 years, the small bistro in the Hampton Inn at Spokane Airport was doing just fine handling their minor operations.  But when they decided to ramp up their menu and begin serving lunch and dinner, they needed a solution to handle their quickly booming business—an Alto-Shaam Vector® Multi‐Cook Oven.

Hilton Garden meal

Food and Beverage Director Kim Stellflug had a dilemma. She wanted to continue seeing growth in the bistro’s operations; however, she was only equipped with one small oven. Additionally, city regulations prohibited her from using an overhead hood due to the small size of their kitchen.

As a previous Alto-Shaam user, Stellflug knew her solution-oriented rep could recommend the right product for her operation. In March 2018, the Hampton Inn's bistro installed a countertop Vector Multi‐Cook Oven, and it has made all the difference. 

“It’s the only piece of equipment we use to put our entire menu out,” Stellflug said. “The quality of food it’s able to produce is amazing. We can cook several different types of food simultaneously with absolute consistency every time. It gets the job done so well with the limited space we have.” 

Before installing the three-chamber, countertop Vector Multi-Cook Oven, staff in Kim’s kitchen would get overwhelmed and bogged down, especially during peak meal times. Because of the Vector’s independent chamber feature, users can improve production timing and multitasking capabilities. The Vector Multi‐Cook Oven’s capabilities also allow for consistent production due to its programmable recipes. 

The Vector Multi‐Cook Oven’s exclusive Structured Air Technology® delivers high-velocity, vertical upward and downward airflow. This optimized, focused heat delivers faster, more even cooking than convection ovens and saves on labor without the need to watch and rotate pans. This unique airflow prevents a blast of heat towards the operator when the door opens. Vector Multi-Cook Ovens are designed for more production and compensate for the door opening and closing with virtually no heat loss.

“No matter who is doing the cooking, the food will turn out the exact same,” Stellflug said. “The quality is unbelievable. Thanks to the grill pan, our signature dish, the Margarita Grilled Cheese, has grill marks on it like we cooked it on a real grill. If you said you were cooking all these menu items on the same oven, no one would believe you.” 

The Vector Oven offers flexibility, variety and space-savings with up to four ovens in one. Kim and her staff are able to control temperature, fan speed and time in multiple, independent oven chambers—saving time and improving production quality. 

“I’m so impressed with the Vector Multi‐Cook Oven,” Stellflug said. “It’s a great piece of equipment for any sized kitchen. I would highly recommend it.”  

With the Alto-Shaam Vector Multi‐Cook Oven, Kim said they serve quality dishes quicker; therefore, they serve more customers in a shorter amount of time. Thanks to the Alto-Shaam Vector Multi-Cook Oven, the bistro is now operating at a profit.