Service Insights from Foodservice Equipment & Supplies

March 13, 2012

Service Do’s and Don’ts for Today’s Foodservice Operator

In response to a challenging business environment, many foodservice operators may be tempted to compromise when it comes to repairing and maintaining their equipment. Here a veteran service agent offers a few precautionary examples of why it is important for operators to use their supply chain partners to make informed decisions before taking action.

CFESA’s Preventative Maintenance Steps for Garbage Disposals

Here are eight steps foodservice operators and their service agents can take to help ensure a longer service life for their garbage disposal.

We Wrote the Book on Kitchen Parts and Accessories.


For 40 years, the FMP catalog has been the authority for researching kitchen repair parts.  And for nearly a century, our company has set the standards for reliability, distribution,FMP manufacturing, and customer service for the kitchen parts industry.

Energy Star Recognizes Four Foodservice Equipment Manufacturers

The United States Environmental Protection Agency recognized several foodservice equipment manufacturers for their sustainability efforts by presenting them with Energy Star-related awards.

FMP Reorganizes its Sales Force

Foodservice parts and equipment manufacturer FMP has updated its approach to serving the industry and, as a result, has made several changes to its field sales force.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Mars Phantom 10 Air Curtain

Fully concealed in the ceiling the Mars Phantom Series Air Curtain maintains environmental separation with ease. Recognized for its performance Mars Air and energy savings characteristics the Phantom series is ideal for customer retail entrances, restaurant entries, hospitals, and applications with limited mounting space.

Q&A: Damian Monticello, Corporate Foodservice Liaison, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida

Coming into the B&I industry in 2003 after working as a food and beverage manager for the Ritz-Carlton, Damian Monticello, now corporate foodservice liaison with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, quickly realized he was entering a different world entirely.


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