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September 11, 2012

No Warranty... Now What?

Just like with a new car, one of the great things about purchasing a new piece of foodservice equipment is the warranty — in particular, the peace of mind that comes from knowing that if anything goes wrong, the repair won’t cost a penny. But what steps should operators take to ensure that equipment has a useful service life once the warranty expires?

CFESA’s Maintenance Tips for Charbroilers

The complexity of some equipment means that service agencies need to be involved in most preventative maintenance steps. For simpler types of equipment, though, operators can handle much of the maintenance. Among these are charbroilers.

We Wrote the Book on Kitchen Parts and Accessories.


For 40 years, the FMP catalog has been the authority for researching kitchen repair parts.  And for nearly a century, our company has set the standards for reliability, distribution,FMP manufacturing, and customer service for the kitchen parts industry.

Gaylord Industries Adds PBAC — M & W to its Rep Network

Ventilation manufacturer Gaylord Industries added PBAC — M & W to its roster of independent manufacturers’ reps. PBAC — M & W now represents Gaylord in Upstate New York.

Tips for Green Products and Cleaners

When researching environmentally friendly options it is easy to become confused by greenwashing, which overpromises the impact of certain products. With this in mind, it helps to have a few tips on what to look for when navigating the forest of green options.

Air Curtains from Around the World

Mars Air

Ever wonder why and where air curtains are used? From hospitals to butterfly houses to manufacturing facilities to paint Mars Air booths, Mars Air Curtains can be found from sea to shining sea.

Eliminating the Hazards of Cross Contamination

In honor of Food Safety Month, FE&S is hosting an hour-long webcast where our experts will share their best practices and their experiences in helping foodservice operators reduce the potential risks associated with cross contamination. Click here to register.


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