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What to Consider When Purchasing a Sandwich Prep Table

Consultant Q&A with Gary Jacobs, CEO of Jacobs | Doland | Beer, New York

Cleaning and Maintaining Sandwich Prep Tables

As one of the most frequently used pieces of equipment, sandwich prep tables require extra care in cleaning and maintenance. The warning signs that a refrigerated prep table may need replacing include repeated or continuous failures of the different components within the unit. If the cost of repairs approaches the amount for a new unit, the prep table should be replaced.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Heated Display Merchandisers

The condition of front-of-house equipment visible to customers, such as heated display merchandisers, is a reflection of an operation. Keeping this equipment clean and properly maintained plays a critical role in the success of any retail operation, as the appearance of food displays will draw customers’ attention.

Undercounter Refrigeration Q&A with Bruce Hodge of General Parts LLC

Service Agent Q&A with Bruce Hodge, service manager, General Parts LLC, Wichita, Kan.

What to Consider When Purchasing Undercounter Refrigeration

Undercounter and underbar refrigeration serve as supplemental storage solutions for the front of house or in the kitchen as part of a prep station. Timothy A. Barker, founder of Table & Bar Consulting Group in Memphis, Tenn., provides information on what to consider when purchasing undercounter refrigeration.

Product Knowledge Guide: Underbar and Undercounter Refrigeration

While operators typically use undercounter refrigerators, also known as lowboys, in a kitchen’s prep area, the underbar type is most often used in the front-of-the-house bar area. Undercounter models have greater depths for accommodating full-size sheet pans, while underbar coolers are designed for bottled beverages.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Rethermalizers

Because it’s typically high-volume operations utilizing these units, any downtime can cause big service disruptions and should be avoided whenever possible.

Rethermalizer Q&A with Juan Martinez of Profitality

Consultant Q&A with Juan Martinez, principal and founder of Profitality, Miami

Product Knowledge Guide: Rethermalizers

A rethermalizer works to heat up pre-packed foods from a chilled or frozen state of less than 40 degrees F to a temperature of more than 165 degrees F safely and quickly. This equipment, which encompasses water baths, combi ovens and cook-and-hold ovens, can heat a variety of food items, including soup, gravy, sauces, pasta, meats and vegetables.

Product Knowledge Guide: Reach-In Refrigerators

Reach-in refrigerators or uprights, which keep food temperatures between 36 degrees F and 38 degrees F, can store a variety of perishable food. Glass door models can help foodservice operators merchandise packaged sandwiches, beverages and impulse food purchases, while custom models can store temperature-sensitive items such as wine and chocolate.

The Cleaning and Maintenance of Underbar Equipment

Service agent Christopher B. Warren, director of operations, Joe Warren & Sons, Norwood, Mass., offers a few tips on keeping underbar equipment in top operating condition.

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