Signs Back Bar Refrigeration Needs to be Replaced

While back bar refrigeration can last up to 20 years or more if maintained right, these units do offer a few telltale signs that they need to be replaced.

Like most forms of refrigeration, when a back bar unit is having trouble holding products at the right temperature it may be time to replace this unit. Or, another rule of thumb is that if the cost to repair the unit is greater than the price of new one, it is time to replace the unit.

Here are three other warning signs that it may be time to replace a back bar refrigerator.

  • A compressor that's noisier than before. This could be a sign that the condenser is going.
  • White powder on the floor of the unit or rust marks on the interior walls. That could be a sign that the unit's lining is deteriorating.
  • Doors that sag or don't seal properly. Excessive use will lead to these factors and if the doors don't close properly, they will allow in warm air that will make the compressor work harder to achieve the desired temperature. And, typically, replacing doors come with a hefty price tag.
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