Maintenance of Back Bar Refrigeration

Proper maintenance of back bar refrigeration is critical to helping this piece of foodservice equipment have a long and productive service life.

Most back bar refrigeration units can last 15 to 20 years with proper care. But it is important to note that the bar represents a very hostile area from an equipment perspective.

Staff and customers are prone to regularly spill various beverages and if these spills land on the compressor it will become sticky and a magnet for dust, dirt and other debris. This makes regularly cleaning of the compressor coil critical to ensuring a long service life for this product.

When it comes to new construction or remodels, the need to clean the coil may arise well before the operation opens for business. Contractors sawing and sandy wood and other items can introduce a lot of construction debris into the air, which can land on a compressor and impede its ability to cool beverages. So if a unit is installed while construction work is taking place, it is important to clean the coil when the work is done.

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