Service Q&A: Dan Cone, owner, Dan Cone Group, Moline, Ill.

FE&S: How common is it for air curtains to need servicing?

DC: We don’t see a lot of these since this is a simple device meant to help stop insects from flying into the kitchen or keep temperatures consistent. Air curtains basically draw in air from inside of a door and blow it straight down.

FE&S: What is the key to keeping these systems running properly?

DC: The intake area that’s drawing in air must be kept clean so the system can move the necessary amount of air.

FE&S: Are there cleaning requirements with these units?

DC: Some air curtains may have filters in the inlet or screens where air is drawn in that need to be taken off and cleaned periodically. For the most part, the bearing assembly and motor are sealed, so while these don’t need to be cleaned, these components can be oiled when needed.

FE&S: What are common service calls for air curtains?

DC: Most units have a squirrel cage or fan blade that can get packed with dirt. This can compromise the volume of air movement. It’s the same principle as with an exhaust fan. If the intake is plugged and not blowing air properly, servicing is typically required. The issue is only obvious when the blade is packed with dirt. Otherwise, it’s not always apparent if air volume is lost.

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