How to Extend a Warewasher's Life Cycle

Although these units don't require much maintenance, operators and service agents can perform a number of procedures to help extend the service life of warewashers. The list below contains general maintenance information and should not be substituted for the manufacturer's requirements and recommendations.


1. Clean machines as often as possible. Food buildup will clog nozzles and hinder the unit's operation. For this reason, screen filters at the bottom of the dishwasher or scrap tray must be washed and cleaned every day. Excess food getting caught in the drain plug can disrupt operations.

2. Drain the water from the machines daily. Flushing out the water at the end of the day preserves the longevity, sanitation and cleanliness of the machine.

3. Chemical companies can assist in cleaning tubing on a monthly basis.

4. Keep pumps and fans properly lubricated.

5. A good water-filtering system results in better water conditions, cleaner results and a longer service life.

6. Look at the unit's construction and metal gauge. Pot washers, in particular, can take a lot of abuse. The heavier the metal gauge, the more durable the warewasher will be.

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