How to Know When to Replace a Food Processor

When properly maintained, food processors can last seven to 10 years. However, there are issues that indicate replacement may be necessary.

There are signs operators should look for that may signify the food processor is reaching the end of its service life.

Frequent Service Calls: If the unit requires numerous repair visits or is experiencing excessive downtime due to service, it may be time to replace the food processor.

Belt Problems: If belts are frequently slipping, need tightening often or gears are not meshing properly, a new unit is most likely warranted.

Cracks: Food processors with cracked bases or housings are irreparable and should be retired.

Changes in Consistency: When processed foods' quality or consistency begins to change, the unit may need new blades, knives or cutting discs. In this case, repair cost versus replacement cost should be evaluated.

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