Service Tips: Blast Chillers

Blast Chillers represent major investments for foodservice operations. To get the most out of your unit, be sure to follow some basic maintenance guidelines.

  • At their core, blast chillers are high-horsepower refrigeration units. As such, the basics of refrigeration maintenance apply: Keep an eye on door gaskets and hinges for signs of wear and tearand have the condensers and evaporators cleaned regularly.
  • The probes in blast chillers are used to tell when food has been lowered to its desired temperature. These should be cleaned regularly as well.
  • Most of today’s blast chillers have automated alarms that will tell users when something isn’t right. Still, operators should call a service agent if the unit’s performance noticeably dips, e.g. it starts taking significantly longer for the unit to bring food down to temperature.
  • If a blast chiller has a drain line, make sure that’s cleared regularly in order to avoid clogs.
  • During regular service calls, ask your service agency to make sure the unit is properly calibrated.
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