Service Tips: Fryers

Properly maintained fryers can serve foodservice operators well for extended periods of time. Here are five maintenance tips foodservice operators should implement to keep their fryers in action.

Fryers are the workhorses of many commercial kitchens, used to cook appetizers, side dishes, entrees, and even some desserts. Having a unit go down could really ruin many operators’ day. To ensure high product quality and keep your unit in good working order, follow these fryer maintenance tips:

  • Clean the heating element when the oil is filtered or changed: buildup on the element can increase cooking times and make the unit work harder than needed, which can shorten its service life.
  • Wipe down the unit daily. A dirty unit can lead to grease dripping on the floor, presenting a slip hazard for kitchen staff.
  • Boil out your unit as directed: Fill the unit with water and a manufacturer-approved cleaning solution, then boil. This deep cleaning will help with food quality and keep your fryer operating efficiently. Your manufacturer can provide instructions and frequency guidelines.
  • Inspect all probes for cleanliness. A dirty probe can give temperature readings, resulting in poorly cooked foods.
  • For gas fryers, make sure the pilot is clear and the flame is burning well. A weak flame can indicate a clog or a leak in the unit.
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