Product Knowledge Guide: Fryer Cleaning and Maintenance Considerations

Fryer Cleaning and Maintenance Considerations

When it comes to the maintenance of basic fryers, keeping the units clean is the most important aspect of extending the life cycle. Here, Randy Sorg, operations manager at S&P Alliance, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, provides details on how to properly care for this equipment.

  • Care for fryers is really quite simple. Wipe down these units after use or at the end of the day. Hot, soapy water or a grease cutter solution tend to be the most effective cleaning solutions. Afterwards, wipe down the fryer’s exterior with a clean cloth. A good stainless steel polish provides an extra sparkle on the stainless.
  • When cleaning the inside of a fryer, add a boil-out cleaner to water. First, bring the water temperature to a rolling boil per instructions on the boil-out cleaner container.
  • It is important to thoroughly wipe dry the vat’s interior before use, since oil and water do not mix. If there is any moisture in the oil, it will start popping once the unit gets hot. Burns are a risk when the vats are not completely dried before use.
  • When it comes to high-efficiency fryers with blowers, operators need to keep clean all the louvers and vents.
  • A digital thermometer can easily test the thermostat. Operators first must let the vat come up to the set temperature and cycle a few times without any product in the vat, then compare the digital thermometer to the set point on the thermostat. These temperatures should be within 10 degrees F to 15 degrees F of each other. If not, the thermostat requires an adjustment. In the case of a variance that’s 25 degrees F or more, it may be time to replace the thermostat.
  • Due to fire safety issues, authorized service agents should be the only ones to test high-limit thermostats.
  • Never hose down a fryer.
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