Frontline International

Frontline-m3-pr-image-compM3 Data Management systems provide 24/7 online tracking of waste oil by comparing statistics and tracing oil usage and filtration. The Monitor, Measure and Manage program is a web-based add-on that works in concert with the company’s waste oil management systems. It can be accessed online from computers, tablets or smartphones.


Glastender Inc.

Glastender VinfinityVinfinity technology, part of the manufacturer’s wine preservation system, protects wine flavor by removing 95 percent of air in open wine bottles, per the maker. A high vacuum, installed at the serving station, preserves the bottle after each pour. The central vacuum unit fits inside an underbar cabinet.


Hatco Corp.

HatcoThe low-profile, portable Rapide Cuisine Countertop Induction Range, constructed of black ceramic glass, is suitable for use in buffet lines and other front-of-the-house applications. The unit’s automatic shut-off feature prevents overheating. The range includes temperature and programmable preset modes, a timer and a high-resolution display that provides power and time monitoring details.


The Homer Laughlin China Co.

HLC-brownfieldBrownfield dinnerware adapts to farm-to-table bistros, neighborhood cafés and intimate night spots. With a curvy coupe shape and peppery-speckled glaze, the line embodies an urban, yet rustic, appearance. The dinnerware comes in two glaze options: white speckles dappled on cobblestone or speckled white on pewter. The 13-item line includes a variety of plates, bowls, platters, cups and saucers.


Nemco Food Equipment Ltd.

Nemco-6410-Holding-Cabinet1Nemco hot holding cabinets feature stainless steel construction and a multirack system with a scratch-resistant tempered-glass door. The unit heats up in less than 30 minutes and maintains a factory preset internal temperature between 145 degrees F and 187 degrees F.


Rubbermaid Commercial Products LLC

Rubbermaid-Color-Coded-SiloColor‐coded food storage and preparation tools reduce the risk of cross contamination by organizing storage and preparation tools by food type. Seven color options are available, including red, blue, green, white, yellow, beige and purple. The line includes color-coded storage containers, cutting boards, tongs and high‐heat spatulas.


Scotsman Ice Systems

Scotsman-Prodigy-PlusThe C0330 Prodigy Plus Cuber features external AutoAlert indicator lights that signal staff when it’s time to descale, sanitize, or conduct other maintenance tasks. The WaterSense adaptive purge control reduces scale buildup, which extends time between cleanings, per the manufacturer.


Spring USA

Spring-Cereal-DispensersSnack/cereal dispensers in single, double or triple cylinder designs have stainless-steel bases and polycarbonate cylinders with a 10-liter capacity. NSF approved and standing 27 inches high, the stain-resistant units easily dispense candy, trail mix and cereal, among other products.



Steri-StrawSteri-Straw’s automatic straw dispenser sterilizes straws using ultraviolet light. The motion-sensor system eliminates the need for purchasing individually wrapped straws. The unit holds up to 600 sterile straws with a battery life of two days after the dispenser is removed from the power source. Multiple colors are available.


T&S Brass and Bronze Works Inc.

TS-Brass-WorkboardThe redesigned B-1100 workboard faucet series heavy-duty forged brass body now uses cartridges to extend the life of the faucet, eliminating spindle threads and wearable seats. Water-conserving 2.2 GPM aerators replace stream regulators. Swivel-to-rigid lock washers give installers a rigid nozzle option.