Space-Saver Hand Sink

eagle-hand-sinksEagle Group

The HSAN-10-F Space-Saver Hand Sink has an overall width of 12 inches. Constructed of stainless steel, the sink has a positive drain narrow sink bowl, basket drain, inverted “V” edge to prevent spillage and a splash-mounted gooseneck faucet mounted to a 19½-inch-high backsplash.


Pantry Faucets and Pre-Rinse Units

ts-brassT&S Brass and Bronze Works

Pantry faucets and pre-rinse units have been redesigned. Faucet bodies swivel with an included lock washer for rigid applications. Components, including bonnet and packing nut, swivel nut, indexes and lever- and wrist-action handles, have a modern aesthetic. Eterna and Cerama cartridges now come standard with cross flow prevention.


Commercial Sink Hardware

ws-sf-8st-whWinholt Equipment Group

A low-lead alternative commercial grade line of sink hardware features solid brass components and ceramic cartridges. Faucets, spouts and valves are available.


Revolution Series Digesters


revolution-series-digestersRevolution Series Digesters process food waste while reducing the likelihood of odors, leaks and pests associated with toters, bins and dumpsters. The digesters comply with food waste regulations and are scalable for multiple deployments.


Pro Series High Temperature Rack Conveyor

Champion Industries

champion-44-pro-copyThe 44 PRO Series high temperature rack conveyor dish machine features an anti-jam drive system for consistent rack movement. The rinse system yields 100 percent final rinse water coverage, using 100 gallons of water to wash up to 209 racks per hour, per the manufacturer. An interface offers maintenance software, programmable de-liming functionality and accurate digital user information.


SaniWorks Foodservice Towels


hospeco-saniworks-foodservice-towels-pr-image-6.27.17SaniWorks Foodservice Towels help prevent cross-contamination with proper surface sanitizing. The EPS towels inhibit the active ingredient in most sanitizers from binding with the towel, so the cleaning solution in the bucket gets into the towel and releases to the surface in the proper amount, per the manufacturer.


Everyday Buffet Solid Top Tables

Advance TabcoAdvance Tabco

Solid-top buffet tables display non-refrigerated food items or hold flatware, plates and napkins. Units come with an open or enclosed base. In addition to the solid 304 grade stainless steel welded top, these mobile units feature 4-inch swivel casters. A double-sided thermoplastic polymer sneeze guard with integrated side panels protects food items.


PowerPulse Pre-Rinse Spray Valves

CHG Encore PowerPulse HiResEncore Premium Plumbing Products

High-efficiency prerinse spray valves utilize a low-flow pulsating jet spray to beat dried or baked food residue off of dirty dishes in 12 seconds, per the manufacturer. The unit is available in 1.05gpm, 74gpm and .65gpm models and may be retrofitted to most existing prerinse units.


Flush-With-Floor Mop Sink

flush mount mopsinkAdvance Tabco

The Flush-With-Floor Mop Sink allows for easy bucket roll in and out with a floor-level, removable grate design. All models include a front anti-splash guard, with optional add-on splashes for the other three sides. 


Spec Shield Sneeze Guards

SpecShieldEagle Group

This line of sneeze guards allows operators to adjust the height and angle of the glass panels. Features include 3/8-inch top glass panels, ¼-inch side glass panels and 1-inch diameter legs. Available accessories include heat lamps and lights.


Sensor Faucet

TS-Brass-EC-3104T&S Brass and Bronze Works

Sensor faucets are designed to fit 4-inch center-to-center, 2-hole lavatory sinks. The line includes redesigned mounting hardware that allows operators to replace existing two-hole faucets with hygienic sensor faucets. Water-resistant control modules with internal flow control switches, customizable auto time-out and shut-off delay settings and a mechanical temperature mixing valve are featured.