Storage & Handling Equipment

Browse our articles on storage and handling equipment and find primers on a wide variety of specific product categories, including articles on how to specify, when to replace products and much more. 

Product Knowledge Guide: Blast Chillers

Foodservice operators most commonly use blast chillers to chill food prior to storing it as part of a cook-chill process. By halting the cooking cycle, blast chilling helps retain food quality, appearance, nutritional value and flavor.

Product Knowledge Guide: Beer Dispensing Equipment

While draft beer has been a constant fixture at most bars and restaurants, the craft beer renaissance is placing a greater emphasis on this equipment.

Product Knowledge Guide: Refrigerated Display Cases

The popularity of grab-and-go items has more foodservice operators looking to refrigerated display cases to help meet customer demand. This equipment includes enclosed and open displays designed for bakery, deli and packaged food applications. A variety of operators, including restaurants, schools, businesses and airports, use refrigerated display cases.

Product Knowledge Guide: Shelving

The basic design of commercial shelving used in the foodservice industry has essentially remained unchanged since the mid 1960s. This consists of round posts and a wire-based system.

Spec Check: Undercounter Refrigeration Units

For operators seeking to save space while creating convenient cold storage options, undercounter refrigeration represents a viable alternative for preparation and cooking lines. Also known as a lowboy, this equipment’s smaller size makes it suitable for kitchens with smaller footprints or for operators looking to keep valuable worktop space clear.

Combination Walk-in Refrigerators and Freezers

For operators looking to cut costs and consolidate storage, combination walk-in refrigerator freezers may be a viable option to consider as an alternative to two separate units. Like single-unit walk-ins, combination models are typically custom-made, so these units come in virtually any shape and size.

Product Knowledge Guide: Shelving

Operators can choose from a variety of shelving unit types, including standalone stationary, multiple units mounted on track systems, wall-mounted or mobile, such as those configured as utility carts.

Product Knowledge Guide: Work Tables

Foodservice operators generally use commercial work tables for food preparation and packing.

Product Knowledge Guide: Ice Makers

In the foodservice industry ice comes in three main forms: cubed, including small and medium versions; flake and nugget ice, which are small bits of ice completely different from their cubed siblings; and various other shapes that vary by manufacturer. Some ice machines form other cube types, including gourmet square cubes, octagon and crushed.

Product Knowledge Guide: Walk-in Refrigerators

Walk-in refrigerators and freezers are available in virtually any shape and size. These units can be as small as 15 cubic feet and as large as 400,000 square feet. Multilevel walk-ins also are available. Coolers are more likely to be larger than freezers.

Product Knowledge Guide: Reach-in Refrigeration and Freezers

The reach-in category encompasses refrigerators and freezers but also includes pass-thrus, roll-ins and even under counter units. Refrigerators keep food temperatures at between 36 degrees F and 38 degrees F, while freezers hold food between -10 degrees F and 0 degrees F. Foodservice operators can also choose combination refrigerator-freezers that feature separate temperature readouts.