Spec Check: Undercounter Warewashers

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Those looking to save money and energy should consider an undercounter warewasher that incorporates a built-in thermostat. These units regulate the temperature, activating the heat only when necessary.
Operators also need to be aware that, though warewashers incorporating automatic garbage grinders can save labor, these units also utilize more electricity. In some cases, these machines can utilize more than a third more electricity than models that don't have a grinder.

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To Lease or To Buy?

There is an ongoing debate on whether it is best to lease or buy a warewasher. Operators need to figure out the overall costs of both to determine the better option.

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When leasing the equipment, operators will pay a rental fee for usage. This can cost more over the long term than spending the money up front to buy a unit outright. The benefit is the operator can budget a fixed cost for the leasing amount and chemicals needed to operate the machine. Service also is included in the rental fee.

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By purchasing a warewasher, operators don't have a monthly rental bill, but are responsible for service fees as well as the cost of chemicals.

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