Preparation Equipment

Food Processor Applications

Food processors can be used for a variety of preparation tasks to expedite back of the house production.

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Maintaining a Food Processor

Unlike other types of foodservice equipment, food processors have sealed motors and require minimal maintenance. Yet, there are steps operators should take to maximize the unit's service life.

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How to Specify a Food Processor

Because there are varying types of food processors, operators need to become familiar with the different capabilities and uses. There are many considerations when specifying these units.

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Energy Efficiency and Food Processors

Spec check: Food Processors

Because of their versatile nature, food processors are often considered a cornerstone of any commercial kitchen's preparation activities. Not only does this equipment allow operators to efficiently and consistently prepare vegetables, fruit and a wide range of menu items, but food processors are key to saving prep time and labor.

Cut to the Chase: Let's Talk Cutlery

Cutlery sets are common to every commercial kitchen but not every foodservice staffer knows the proper role of each knife in their sets.

Refrigerated Prep Tables

Food Blenders and Processors


Hot Prep & Display


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